123 Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are not the biggest or first decision you make in your home.  You do not design you bathroom around your accessories and it is not usually considered in the design of the bathroom at all.  When you get to the point you need residential bathroom accessories most consumers are just looking for the most inexpensive set you can get that matches the door locks.  However if you purchase from a box store you will not get the selection you find online, and the online inventory will also be a better bargain for you money.

Most bath hardware are all the same quality, although some come with better fasteners than others.  The part that usually matters the most and gets the least attention is the installation.  To be installed correctly, bathroom accessories have to be planned in the framing phase of building.  In a word…..”BLOCKING”…… Blocking is the best way to make bathroom accessories install securely and stay were you put them.  99% of bathroom accessories are made overseas, The only exceptions are hand made or custom bathroom accessories that are made both overseas and domestically.  That is why it seems that every company has the same six or eight designs, because they do….  If they are not exactly the same they are only different in subtle ways.  Typically just enough to get around the patent law.  So take all this into account before you make your next bathroom accessory purchase.

Barn Door Hardware is the Great!!!

Barn Door Hardware is stylish, functional, useful, and very attractive to the DIY community.  There are many different suppliers of Barn Door Hardware, unfortunately there is maybe 2 companies that make Quality American Made Barn Door Hardware.  95% of the companies that you see on the internet buy their hardware from overseas. They purchase in bulk from a series of manufacturers that supply the same 5 or 6 different designs that are not made very well.  I have even found a company in Canada that passes off imported hardware from China to the United States as Canadian hardware knowing that Americans would rather buy Canadian that Chinese.

At Door Hardware Products, we only sell the very best Barn Door Hardware from the very best American Made Supplier we could find.  Rustica Hardware is a barn door manufacturer that does not stock barn door hardware,  They build every piece custom for you.  This company takes typically 4 to 6 weeks to make your order but when it comes you know that it is quality hardware, made in the United States just for you.  Rustica is more expensive than most companies but we have found that, people that care about quality of there hardware…….only care about quality.  They have hardware from $300.00 to $3500.00.  They have more designs, colors, finishes, and combinations than can be listed and every piece of metal is custom made for you.  I did not believe it until we put in our first order but they stock very little.  and have 200 to 300 employees that make everything when you order it.  This company is Awesome!!!  We cannot possibly stock every piece of hardware they make.  But we have chosen a few of there designs to stock, so that you don’t have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get them.  So browse thru our selection and if you think Rustica Hardware is right for your house then you can order from us and you will not have to wait to have the best barn door hardware in America.