Welcome to Door Hardware Products

Welcome to Door Hardware Products.com, We are located in the beautiful city of Wilmington NC at 2725 Old Wrightsboro Rd. Unit 1E in Airport Industrial Park.  We offer residential and commercial Hardware and stock commercial, frames, Wood and metal doors, hardware, bath accessories, and bathroom partitions.  We started out as a commercial installation company in 2000 and found that our customers needed a supplier that was willing to give better customer service than what they were getting from the standard door hardware suppliers.

In 2013 we opened the doors to the Door Hardware Products Store and began building not just a business but a reputation.  We go above and beyond for our customers, and this is the secret of our growth.

1. We do not concentrate on the lowest price but rather getting you the best products for your job.  The best products however are not always the most expensive.  In today’s global economy, name brands mean nothing as companies are bought and sold everyday,  The hardware you may perceive as a quality piece, typically comes out of a factory in Mexico, China, Korea, or India that makes the same products for many other manufacturers at half the cost.  The industry has found that they can charge a premium because they stamped a highly elevated brand name on the box and uneducated consumers don’t know the difference.

2.  We will help you, And if we don’t know the answer we will find it and let you know.  We routinely return phone calls and if you leave a message we will call you back.  In Addition, If your spending $20 dollars or $20,000.00 we think your sale is important.

3.  And Finally, We like to think of our company as an “Service company that Supplies” and not a “Supply company that  Services”.   The difference is we try very hard to put the Service part first…..


Steven Seigler

President, Door Hardware Products a division of Seigler Corp.

123 Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are not the biggest or first decision you make in your home.  You do not design you bathroom around your accessories and it is not usually considered in the design of the bathroom at all.  When you get to the point you need residential bathroom accessories most consumers are just looking for the most inexpensive set you can get that matches the door locks.  However if you purchase from a box store you will not get the selection you find online, and the online inventory will also be a better bargain for you money.

Most bath hardware are all the same quality, although some come with better fasteners than others.  The part that usually matters the most and gets the least attention is the installation.  To be installed correctly, bathroom accessories have to be planned in the framing phase of building.  In a word…..”BLOCKING”…… Blocking is the best way to make bathroom accessories install securely and stay were you put them.  99% of bathroom accessories are made overseas, The only exceptions are hand made or custom bathroom accessories that are made both overseas and domestically.  That is why it seems that every company has the same six or eight designs, because they do….  If they are not exactly the same they are only different in subtle ways.  Typically just enough to get around the patent law.  So take all this into account before you make your next bathroom accessory purchase.