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Online Purchase Order Accounts

If you are in a organization, maintenance organization, municipality, or other facility that requires regular orders.  You can inquire about our Online Purchase Order Accounts.  After contacting our office and filling out a standard request form for an corporate account with Seigler Corp. (Door Hardware Products). Your company employees or purchase agents can order online with the click of a button.  All it requires is a Signer, Job Name and PO number.  On local orders, and orders over $3k we will offer free delivery.  Our account specialist will call to verify the order is correct and let you know about ship dates and in-stock quantities.  For a request or more information email inquiries to our office at

Bulk Orders

If you need more than 5 or 10 or 20 items, If you are ordering in bulk, 50, 100, or more items.  You need special bulk pricing and should give us a call.  We will put you in contact with a representative that will give you a significant discount based on your quantity and In most cases even get reduced or waived shipping costs on your order.

Door Hardware Products is not just a distributor.  We are a Full Service Door Hardware Distribution Company,  We offer a lot more than your typical Ace Hardware or Lowes Home Improvement.  And companies that are based on the internet rarely have the in-depth knowledge to handle real technical issues.  We were an established installation company for 17 years before we were a supply company, that gives us an advantage of knowing more about the technical side of the business.  We have the Ability, Knowledge, and Practical Experience to understand what problems you are having and how to fix them no matter if your next door or across the country.  What we offer on the website is just a small part of what we do.  We offer the following products to you and your business:

  • Commercial Wood Doors
  • Commercial Steel Frames and Doors
  • Custom Steel Frames and Doors
  • Commercial Door Hardware
  • Residential Door Hardware
  • Commercial and Custom Louvers
  • Commercial Bath Accessories
  • Residential Bath Accessories
  • Commercial Bath Partitions
  • FRP Doors & Frames
  • Commercial Window Kits
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Steel Access Panels
  • Metal Rain Hoods
  • Commercial Weatherstripping
  • Commercial Flat Goods

Just Relax…. We do this everyday.  If you need assistance with anything listed above please call us at 910-833-7148 or email us at